2016 Dharmacharya Classroom


Welcome to The Dharmacharya ’16 Classroom

 Please do not share its access with any others. Thank you.

Contents of this webpage: (Follow live links to download or view attached documents) 

  • Welcome Letter
  • Instructions Skype calls, video conference dates
  • Lessons and Assignments
  • Supplementary Instructional Materials
  • Class Members
  • Group Skype and One-on-One Conversations
  • Retreats  
  • Your Dana

Lessons and Assignments – Follow the live links below to download or view each item. Each assignment is embedded in the written lesson documents. Please return your assignments directly to Ven. Pannavati via email to her address at Pannavati2@yahoo.com. It is important to Venerable that you send your assignments and any correspondence concerning this program to her from your “DC14” email address so it will be routed appropriately and confidentially. Please do your best to return your completed assignments to Pannavati through email or “snailmail” within one month of release so that she and Pannadipa will be able to schedule time to respond to everyone.

Release date

Lesson & Assgmt

Lesson Video

Due Date

Lesson 1 Lesson 1 Video
Lesson 2
Lesson 3 Video(psswd “onthepath”)

Supplementary Instructional Materials – The following documents will remain available to be viewed or downloaded for the duration of this class, however their contents may updated as needed. These documents are referenced in your written lessons as being “attached”. Whenever an update is provided, the word “NEW” will be seen by the related item.


Group Skype Conversations: Specific date, time and access information for each group conversation with me  will be posted here for the coming months. You will be notified by email if any changes are made to this schedule. Up to three call options  via Skype may be provided each month at different dates and times to aid in fitting into your schedule. Please attend the one most convenient for you. Pre-registration is needed so I can connect you to each Skype call. Before the call, provide my assistant with your Skype address (hey@heartwoodrefuge.org) and add venerable.pannavati as a contact in your Skype. It is possible to take part in a call even if you will not be at a computer, as Skype as a phone-in option. If you wish to have me include you by phone, just let my assistant know, and the phone number where I can reach you.

One-on-One Conversations Should you wish to have a private conversation with me by phone or Skype, please contact me directly at Pannavati2@yahoo.com to set a day and time that will work for both of us. My Skype address is “venerable.pannavati”; that’s with a dot in the middle.

You will be notified in advance of any special gathering scheduled for your DC class at these events.

Your Dana Your gifts in support of this program will be gratefully received. Checks or money orders can be made out and mailed to the following address or sent through our website’s donation link with “DC” placed in the comment line. For those wishing to make their gift an automatic monthly transaction using a debit or credit card, this can be set up by clicking on the DONATE button on any page at www.Pannavati.org, then clicking on the small box “Monthly” when entering the amount. That transaction goes through Paypal.com with a small fee for each donation. As an alternative, a monthly transaction may also be set up through your bank as a monthly online “bill payment” to have a bank check sent to:  

Kammanna at Heartwood Refuge

159 Osceola Rd.

Hendersonville, NC 28793