Polly Trout, Seattle WA

Patacara Community Center (Buddhist Cafe): Polly Trout, Seattle WA

Polly Trout is founder of Seattle Education Access, a nonprofit that provides higher education opportunity to young people struggling to overcome poverty and adversity in King County. She practices primarily in the Mahayana traditions of Zen and Vajrayana, and currently studies with Gen-La Losang Tsering and sits with the Mindfulness Community of Puget Sound. She lives in Seattle with two daughters. She has a doctorate degree in religious studies from Boston University.


“When Pannavati visited Seattle, she bought lunch for homeless youth and ate on the sidewalk with them…she sat with youth on a downtown Seattle sidewalk, feeding them and being present with them… Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a whole center where we can do that together?”  Click Here to read the full article by Polly Trout. To get involved with her new project, contact her at or  206-465-6342