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Sisters of Compassionate Wisdom

“In 2000, we began as a small group of five women in Western PA. At the time we referred to ourselves as The Sisters. Under the spiritual direction of Venerable Ani Drubgyudma (aka Venerable KongHu XianCi), we met for group meditation, Buddhist Studies, and individually for spiritual direction. Additionally, we marched for peace in 2005 […]

My Place

My Place, Inc. is for young people, 16-23 year-olds, who are in chronic crisis due to homelessness, insufficient education, joblessness, mental health disability and other at-risk factors. Comprehensive services include: * Life coaching * HS/GED completion * Workforce development wages * Independent housing * Matched savings Thanks to many supporters, My Place had a monumental […]

The “Untouchables”


 Up to date information regarding fundraising efforts for toilets and education in India can be found HERE Reflections from India: Venerable Pannavati’s personal journal while in Tamil Nadu( 2015 )   Why do we do this? >>WATCH >Our Journey – How we know caste <WATCH<< >>LISTEN >I’m Dalit, how are you?<LISTEN<< THE “UNTOUCHABLES” For information on joining Pannavati’s […]

My Gluten Free Bread Co.

GFBC collage frosted

My Gluten Free Bread Company, a project of My Place, Inc. was born in a strategic planning session, not around baking bread, but on how to train and employ at-risk young people and sustain the social programs of My Place. Launched in March 2012, this social enterprise is based on the Greyston Foundation social enterprise […]

Thai Nuns, Women, & Children


CURRENT PROJECT AGAINST DEATH THREATS In May of 2013, the IWMC bhikkhunis (female monks) greeted a sorrowful mother at its gates and gratefully received its first child for safekeeping. The 3 year old was sick and hungry with a belly full of worms. She is now worm-free and in the nursery school located just outside […]

Rev. Dhammaratana, Raleigh NC


Computer Equipment for Translation, Tamil Nadu Rev. Dhammaratana received Dharmacharya ordination from Venerables Pannadipa and Pannavati in 2006. Five bhikkhus participated in the ordination including one of Pannavati’s spiritual guides, the Venerable Sujatha, chief advisor to the President of Sri Lanka for U.S. religious affairs. Rev. Dhamma co-facilitates India “Bearing Witness” retreats and the offering […]

Polly Trout, Seattle WA


Patacara Community Center (Buddhist Cafe): Polly Trout, Seattle WA Polly Trout is founder of Seattle Education Access, a nonprofit that provides higher education opportunity to young people struggling to overcome poverty and adversity in King County. She practices primarily in the Mahayana traditions of Zen and Vajrayana, and currently studies with Gen-La Losang Tsering and […]

A Few FAQ’s About Applying for Dharmacharya

How can I get a copy of the Application Form for the Dharmacharya program? You can download the Dharmacharya Application in MS Word format here. When completed on the computer, the field for each question’s response will expand as your enter your thoughts and information. I would like to write my thoughts out in an essay rather […]