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Nov 21 – 24: Hot Springs, North Carolina, Pannavati and Pannadipa lead a retreat at Southern Dharma Retreat Center — register early!

Dec 4 – 20: Tamil Nadu, India, Bearing Witness Retreat. Please see the India page for details on how you can support this mission of compassion and solidarity.



Earlier in 2013

January 1: Thailand
Returning home

January 18 & 19: Hendersonville, NC
Embracing Simplicity Hermitage, two day retreat

February 8 – 10: Hendersonville, NC
Venerables Pannavati and Pannadipa will lead a Communal Retreat.

February 17: Ashville, NC, Daylong at Lisa Stendig’sYoga Studio
Lisa Stendig’s Yoga Studio

Missouri and Chicago Tour March 9-17, 2013

March 9: Cook Station, MO, MBSR daylong co-teach w/ Maureen Hall at Mound Ridge

March 9: Rolla, MO, Evening pizza party and talk with teenagers and moms on Finding Our True Selves at Inspiration Center.

March 10: Columbia, MO, Dharma talk, 10:30am – noon, at Show Me Dharma

March 10: Rolla, MO, Speak with Baha’i’s and friends on Service to Mankind, 7pm-9:30pm

March 11: Rolla, MO, Lunch and casual conversation with friends, 11am- 2:30pm.  Open topic.

March 11: Rolla, MO, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Class (MBSR) at Missouri University of Science & Technology, 4:30pm – 6:45pm, Working with the Mind and Afflictive Emotions.

March 11: Rolla, MO,  Awakening Joy Class at Inspiration Center, 7:30pm – 9:30pm.  Open topic.

March 12: Rolla, MO, Dinner with friends and book club, 6pm.  Open topic.

March 13: Leasburg, MO, Half day retreat at White Oak Sangha, 10am – 3pm.  Open topic.

March 13: Rolla, MO, Dharma talk at Inspiration Center, Being at Peace in the Midst of it All, 7pm.

March 16: Chicago, IL, Keynote speaker at Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association Chicago Chapter (Midwest Buddhist Women’s Conference/Symposium 2013), The Bodhisattva – A Present Help in the Time of Need, 10am – noon.  Panel discussion 1pm-2pm.

March 17: Chicago, IL, Dharma talk at Insight Chicago Meditation Community, Highland Park, 9:30am – 11:30am

March 17: Woodstock, IL, Dharma talk at Blue Lotus Temple and Meditation Center, 7pm – 8pm

March 18 – March 27: Bangkok and Rayong, Thailand, Ordaining Bhikkhunis and Keynote Speaker at awards ceremony.  

April 4: New York, NY, Guest speaker, Topic: Re-emergence of the Feminine Principle: Rescuing the Buddhadharma from Misogyny and Buddhism from Patriarchy.The quality of a nurturing, yet fearless, compassionate-wisdom is resurfacing in Buddhism. An nurturing that can ease and reform angry hearts and a troubled world. Perhaps its time to bring back the balance of life, without controversy. Join Venerable Dr. Pannavati in an informal talk on the issue of female leadership in Buddhism, how it’s happening, peacefully, in the face of opposition and how its changing the world. Location: 7 E. 10th St, 5th Fl. Time: 7-9pm. at New York University

April 6-7: New York, NYSowing Good Seed (Part 1) — Buddha said the future is not predestined. We can make a difference in how the future of our planet unfolds. We are creating seeds for the future, today.  So, he promoted a way of seeing the world as interconnected—conditional. The bodhisattva is not merely one who hears the cries of the world, but who also responds with skillfulness. The practice of such a one, today, necessarily fosters deeper spiritual joy and clarity coupled with commitment to environmental sustainability and social justice. New York Insight Meditation Center

April 12 – 14: Hendersonville, NC,  3 Day COMMUNAL RETREAT WITH VENERABLES PANNAVATI & PANNADIPA, “12 Steps in Buddhism – recovery from the 3 root poisons: hatred, greed and delusion”.  (A communal retreat gives us an opportunity to delve into deeper study with the teacher, practice skillful conversation, engage in compassionate action centered around our practice, meditate and receive personal instruction. Times: For non‐residential registrants: 6pm to 8pm Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday and conclude with Sunday morning sit at 11am. For residential registrants: May arrive as early as Thursday morning (the 11th). Light meals and snacks will be provided. Attendance for all 3 days is encouraged, but not required. Cost: This retreat is offered on a generosity‐based, all dana model. Dana is a Pali word describing generosity arising from deep gratitude for the teachings and the teachers. Reservations: amandaESH@yahoo.com or call the hermitage at 828 338-2665. Residence address:836 – 3rd Av W.; Center address:
138 Joel Wright Dr (South Park Plaza) one block from Greenville and Spartanburg Hwy

May 4-5: New York, NYSowing Good Seed (Part 2) — Buddha said the future is not predestined. We can make a difference in how the future of our planet unfolds. We are creating seeds for the future, today.  So, he promoted a way of seeing the world as interconnected—conditional. The bodhisattva is not merely one who hears the cries of the world, but who also responds with skillfulness. The practice of such a one, today, necessarily fosters deeper spiritual joy and clarity coupled with commitment to environmental sustainability and social justice. New York Insight Meditation Center

May 23rd: Hendersonville NC First 7 Trainees Graduate from My Place/My Gluten Free Bread Company baker’s pre-apprenticeship training program! Henderson County Library, Kaplan Auditorium. 1pm

May 31 – June 2: Magnolia, MS. “The State of Mind Called Beautiful.” Tossed by the eight worldly winds (of fame and shame, loss and gain, pleasure and pain, praise and blame), people, confused and fearful, turn to self-cherishing. So, the good we would do, we don’t do and what we don’t want to do, we do. We suffer and cause suffering. But, the power and joy of spiritual practice is that it awakens us to what we do not know and provides methods to keep what we do know from degenerating. During this retreat, we will learn techniques to cultivate and maintain a supreme practice…the mind pervaded by  love, compassion, joy in the successes of others and equanimity—even in the face of adversity, insecurity and loss…the state of mind called “Beautiful.” Weekend retreat at Flowering Lotus Meditation and Retreat Center

CA, Bay Area Tour June 6th – 16th:

June 6: San Jose, CA 7-8:30pm “Just Minding Our Business”   Dharma Punx

June 7th San Francisco, CA :Faithful Fools Street Ministry,9am meditation and dharma talk; afternoon street retreat

9:30-11:30June 7: Oakland, CA, 7pm, “No One is Untouchable”FUNDRAISER. talk: “Stillness in Courage” dharma talk; slideshow, food, fellowship, fundraising for India project, offering water, education,, empowerment and love to India’s “untouchables.” contact:John Misfud at  info@speakingforourselves.com for RSVP or info

June 7th: BEGINNING OF Pannavati’s  30-day “Bearing Witness” WATER FAST

June 8: San Francisco, CA, “Friendship: The Quintessential Practice of all the Buddhas” Relationships form based on many factors. Underlying our rational assumptions of who is “friend” or “enemy” or what types of people we “like” or “dislike” are subtle factors, karmic influences, and unrecognized perceptions based on the 6 senses. Using stories from the sutras and our personal experiences we will dissect the phenomenon of “encounter”  offering tools to assess and build relationships that nurture our spiritual aspiration and deepest stillness; yet, without considering anyone unworthy of our full attention. This 1/2 day workshop will alternate between discussion and reflection, building upon the morning dharma talk (but can stand alone).10am dharma talk and 1-4:30 workshop w/tea break. Info/registrataion: www.sfzc.org. ON WATER FAST.

June 9: Spirit Rock, Family Retreat, afternoon sharing with youth. Woodacre, CA. ON WATER FAST

June 10-13: Woodacre, CA,Pannavati will be attending the International Vipassana Teachers Meeting (closed) at Spirit RockON WATER FAST

June 13, 7pm, East Bay Meditation Center.Transforming Activities into the Path dharma discussion. The Purpose of preliminary practices and how they advance us on the Path. ON WATER FAST

June 14-15, Sliema House, Oakland Living and Dying in the Dharma, a 2-day Non-Residential Retreat: Friday 10am-5pm, Karma, Rebirth-Linkage and What is cultivation?(Exploring the 7 branches of Bodhisattva Correspondence Bodhichitta for Living the Dharma). Saturday 10am-5pm Jhanas and the 31 Planes of Existence. (How you die is even more important than how you live!) Beginner or long-time practitioner, ok. If you want something more, if your understanding and practice are flat, come! For more information, contact John Misfud at info@speakingforourselves.com. ON WATER FAST

June 16, 10am-1pm, Brunch discussion on Lay Ordination at Jenn and Joan’s House for more information contact gemfrog@sbcglobal.net. ON WATER FAST

June 16, 5pm, East Bay Meditation CenterCreating a stable Container for Practice Dharma discussion. How to fit the “pieces” of our practice  together for growth and abiding happiness. ON WATER FAST

June 20-23: Washington, DCFierce Compassion and Daring Heart.  Guest Speaker with Ruth King at Buddhafest. We admire those who are fearless. But, what does it take to be fearless, and how is fearlessness cultivated? What is it that enables one to walk through life as a free person, and what responsibility does this carry? Join Ven. Pannavati Bhikkhuni and Ruth King as they share their wisdom, wit, laughter and advice on how to live on the razor’s edge.  ON WATER FAST

June 24-25: Charlottesville, Virginia, Pannavati and Pannadipa provide teaching and meditation retreat, hosted by Insight Meditation Community. ON WATER FAST

June 29: Member Conference Call presentation with the Buddhist Peace Fellowship of Berkeley, California on Sex, Gender, Power: Countering Sexism With Wisdom. ON WATER FAST

June 30: Asheville, North Carolina, dPannavati and Pannadipa provide daylong teaching and meditation, hosted by The Embodiment Studio, 60 Caledonia Road #B. Registration (828) 505-2856. ON WATER FAST

Missouri & Arkansas Tour July 11th – 22nd

….July 13th Special Event – Cave Meditation at Onondaga Cave

Aug 10-11: Santa Monica, California, Daylong visit and dharma talk at InsightLA, Santa Monica, California.

Aug 16-25: Castle Rock, Washington, Pannavati and Pannadipa teach a 9-day retreat at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center 

Sept. 21: Cullowhee, North Carolina, Western Carolina University, Pannavati provides lecture.

Sept. 27-30: Garrison, New York, Pannavati meets with the Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism.

Oct. 8-9: Columbia, Missouri, Pannavati provides teaching at Columbia University Lecture Series

Oct 21-25: Sacramento, California, Pannavati and Pannadipa attend monastic gathering.

Oct 18-20: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Pannavati provides teaching and retreat leadership hosted by the Insight Meditation Center, Saskatoon

Nov 1: DHARMACHARYA-1 Program Begins Pannavati provides individualized teaching program for a selected group of students on the Pacific Coast and another in the Midwest of USA. For further information or to apply for this valued opportunity, contact Sandy Westin [assistantesh1@yahoo.com] to receive an application package.

Nov 8-10: Johnson City, Tennessee, Pannavati works with inmates of local prisons.