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Touching The Untouchable


  Touching the Untouchable is the story of the empowerment of a Dalit, Untouchable, community in Tamil Nadu, India. Long shunned inside India’s rigid caste system and denied basic human rights and amenities, the new generation of Dalits are taking matters in their own hands and creating their own community where clean water, food, education, […]

Journals From India pt. 3

Toilet Recipients

I know I promised to keep you updated, but we have been working so hard that each night, we would “drop” the minute we got back to the inn. Yet, it has been so rewarding! Every time I come, the people understand more and more that we will not forsake them…and they grow in both […]

Journals From India Pt. 2


Yesterday, my new friend and translator Anand and I visited the Danish Consulate and got permission to repair the existing village elementary school in Kanji. It was built by an organization from Denmark long ago, but they have now abandoned the school and the Indian government agreed to only take over teacher salaries, but will […]

Journals From India pt.1

pannavati india

First, Gauthama, our NGO leader directing some 250 activists across India will not be with us this trip. His new wife of 5 months has just come down with typhoid fever and he’s on immediate nursing duty. Please keep them in your hearts. It’s serious. They’ve been warned that they are wearing themselves out (and […]

On Ferguson, MO

ferguson community watch poster

This is not just about Ferguson, MO. This is a real, systemic oppresive product in the usa, not just a perception. This is not a matter of taking sides of people it is about examining the causes that are producing conditions of hatred, hopelessness, and brutal retaliation. there is still time for us to come […]

Save a Life ~ Build a Toilet

Dalit Children

UPDATE 1/25/15 : The Bearing Witness Retreat to India has returned! Toilet Construction has  begun and the well is complete!  Without the support of your donations we could not have gotten this far and cannot go any further. We took plenty of pictures to archive our progress. We hope you will share these pictures and message to […]

Bearing Witness III ; Sojourn to Tamil Nadu India

Why do we do this? > VIEW >> Bearing Witness Slides << VIEW < >WATCH>> I’m Dalit, How Are You? <<WATCH< >LISTEN >> “Our Journey” – How We Know Caste << LISTEN< Join Ven. Pannavati & Friends on the 2014 “Bearing Witness III” Sojourn to Tamil Nadu, India Through VIHARA, and The Foundation of His Sacred Majesty, two state recognized, Dalit organized non-profit […]



7/08/13 UPDATE!! Dear friends! I have completed the fast! Thank you for the donations and inspirations offered. On day 28, I had a full blood panel and urinalysis done….My numbers were perfect except a longstanding but better “bad” cholesterol reading and high keytone count (signifying I was going into or in starvation mode.) During the […]

A Few FAQ’s About Applying for Dharmacharya

How can I get a copy of the Application Form for the Dharmacharya program? You can download the Dharmacharya Application in MS Word format here. When completed on the computer, the field for each question’s response will expand as your enter your thoughts and information. I would like to write my thoughts out in an essay rather […]