Commitment to Community

Like the Buddha we are committed to making ourselves “a refuge for all beings.”


And a vision is unfolding!  Across the country, practitioners of all traditions and ages are experiencing a pull to come together for non-sectarian practice, conscious living, and empowerment IN service.

THIS IS A CALL to help create an egalitarian, collaborative community where we can  work together closely, yet easily, dedicating ourselves to helping others AND ONE ANOTHER.

We believe that the time is right for the establishment of a permanent facility that will become a center of Buddhist study that encompasses both contemplative and engaged Buddhism, providing a refuge in which to center oneself inwardly, and to provide training to engage the world outwardly. A privately owned and operated inn located in Jackson County North Carolina between Waynesville and Sylva NC, is currently for sale, and is the location selected from many that have been inspected to determine suitability for this project.

We are still in the planning and fund raising stages yet we know what we are after. A full time residential community space where we can offer affordable, if not dana based retreats. To base retreats off of dana only, we must come into this project without debt.  Help us catalyze this vision so we may catalyze others.

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Kammanna Institute


 A Cross-lineage Retreat Center and Social Action Training

Dana-based short and long term retreats and training by guest teachers or self-directed: space available for private Sangha events

Tyler-Brook-FallIntentional Community

Affordable, full-time residential community for singles and families, living quarters for  male and female monastics, and opportunities to build on the land, be a caretaker, or just tent!

Retirement Support Community

Offering  communal support and Dharma mentoring opportunities for active elders, monastics and retiring Dharma teachers.

Treasure Human Life Foundation

 The foundation will serve as the catalyst to relieve suffering through engaged collaboration, globally. This is a continuation of Venerable Pannavati’s efforts and missions locally and globally found throughout this website.

If you are ready to take your commitment to SANGHA to the next level please fill out this form



We are looking for:

Board members for Treasure Human Life


Fund Raisers: grant wringing, capital campaigns

Food Growers

Established personal networks within Buddhist communities and non-profit communities

Media Experts

Long Term Commitments

Short-long Term Residents


Monetary Commitments