Embracing Mindfulness Movement

PV handsWorld leaders and politicians cannot make the world safe, healthy and peaceful.  Each one of us has to do our own part in abandoning our own ignorance, hatred and greed…our own fear, ego and craving for power!  But, just as we have made the world we now live in, we can transform it…together…one mindful moment at a time.

A movement is a large group of people who make a collective effort to achieve something.  But, here’s the thing:  each individual has to be flowing fully in the objective of the reform.  So, it’s not people telling others what to do or how they should or could be…it’s becoming the change we want to see…ourselves!  Our great wish is to embody the qualities that accompany mindfulness.  We project thoughts of being calm, fair, content, clear, confident, effective, happy and peaceful.  And, healthy, beneficial resultant actions follow.

The goal is first to create our own Inner Peace through a steady ongoing Mindfulness Practice. Can you imagine how just responding in a respectful, attentive way can change the dynamics in your own household?  That will work toward creating Peace in our families.  And that Peace will start to envelop our friends and communities as we learn to listen to and consider the views of others.  Then Peace will begin to infuse our cities, our states, our countries as we implement and support compassionate programs and just solutions. And it can go on to make our entire world a better place to be through global non-violent communication, mutual respect, fairness, empathy and freedom from fear!

It CAN happen!  It can start RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!