Meditation and Talks

Free Guided Meditation and Dharma Talks by Venerable Pannavati:

 Guided Meditation

  Guided Meditation Week 1 for Meditation March – Tricycle

Guided Meditation Week 2

Guided Meditation Week 3

“Liberated in Both Ways” – Deep Meditation Training – Insight LA

“Dwell, You Are The Light Itself”

Mindfulness Of Breath

Dharma Talks

Guest Talk at Central Valley Insight

“The Virtuous Life” Guest Talk At Mission Dharma,_the_virtuous_life,_venerable_pannavati.mp3

Dharma Talk on The Podcast Directory

This page along with this website is maintained by friends and students of Venerable Pannavati. We ask that you keep this tradition going by giving Dana as freely as possible. As a monastic Venerable Pannavati lives frugally and the majority of funds go directly to her service work such as building toilets in India, schools, supporting homeless youth, and ongoing work with Thai Nuns.