My Gluten Free Bread Co.

My Gluten Free Bread Co.

My Gluten Free Bread Co. is not currently operating and is now merging with the Treasure Human Life Foundation. Please stand-by as we revamp our projects.

My Gluten Free Bread Company, a project of My Place, Inc. was born in a strategic planning session, not around baking bread, but on how to train and employ at-risk young people and sustain the social programs of My Place. Launched in March 2012, this social enterprise is based on the Greyston Foundation social enterprise model of Yonkers, New York. While we are achieving the goal of becoming a self-funding organization, the bakery project is also training the youth in entrepreneurship. They are engaged in every aspect of the decision-making and actual operations from baking to marketing to back-office functions. Two program graduates now manage the Production/IT department and a baking shift.

My Gluten Free Bread Company:

*Is a culinary training program that’s approved as one of only two pre-apprenticeship programs by the North Carolina Dept of Labor, and is the only licensed, full-curriculum gluten-free baking program in the country

*Has contracts with Ingles and Earthfare in two states (NC and SC) for distribution of their baked goods

*Partners with 10 food service employers for graduate job placement

*Received a state funded contract for providing job placements

The bread company is on track to fully fund its own at-risk and youth programs by 2015. We are in phase 2 of negotiating a regional contract 5 times our existing revenue and creating a new specialty product for a national retailer. The only thing that stands in the way of our success is $50,000 which will allow us to purchase a delivery truck, a depositor, a 120 loaf capacity rack oven and an inventory reserve.

We’re close, and your support or continued support is extremely important. All eyes are on Hendersonville because this state demonstration project is a ground-breaking, duplicable initiative to help end youth hopelessness.