My Place

My Place, Inc.

My Place is not currently operating and is now merging with the Treasure Human Life Foundation. Please stand-by as we revamp our projects.

My Place, Inc. is for young people, 16-23 year-olds, who are in chronic crisis due to homelessness, insufficient education, joblessness, mental health disability and other at-risk factors.

Comprehensive services include:
* Life coaching
* HS/GED completion
* Workforce development wages
* Independent housing
* Matched savings

Thanks to many supporters, My Place had a monumental 2012. The focus shifted from emergency shelter for older homeless and at-risk youth to adulthood modeling.

Through My Place, they are acquiring job skills, life skills and paving the way towards a bright, self-sufficient future!

In order to fund My Place, a social enterprise called My Gluten-Free Bread Co. was launched in March 2012. After much research was gathered, along with consultations with local hospitals, dietitians and the Celiac association, My Place founders decided to open My Gluten Free Bread Company to train and/or employ youth, and more importantly, to begin them on a sustainable career path. They don’t hire youth to bake bread, but bake bread to hire youth.

This is a ground-breaking, state demonstration project to end youth hopelessness and exodus from rural counties. My Place celebrated the first commencement of the MGFBC Baker’s Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program on May 23, 2013 with six students in the graduating class.