Sisters of Compassionate Wisdom

“In 2000, we began as a small group of five women in Western PA. At the time we referred to ourselves as The Sisters. Under the spiritual direction of Venerable Ani Drubgyudma (aka Venerable KongHu XianCi), we met for group meditation, Buddhist Studies, and individually for spiritual direction. Additionally, we marched for peace in 2005 and co-hosted Buddhist teaching events in W PA.

In 2003, the Sisters of Compassionate Wisdom was registered as a Buddhist Religious Order in the State of Pennsylvania.* In July 2009, Venerable Ani Drubgyudma asked  Venerable Dr. Pannavati and Sarah Noonan to join her in initiating the founding board circle.

Over the years we have been maturing – evolving into a four-fold Buddhist community where nuns and oblates have ordained, along with women and men who have taken lay refuge, precept, and bodhisattva vow ordinations.

We continue our fellowship in a solidarity of spirit and practice.”

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