Treasure Human Life

Heartwood will be the new home of  the Treasure Human Life Foundation, building and expanding upon previous missions of compassionate and skillful action with Dalits in Tamil Nadu, India , ordaining Bhikkhunis in Thailand, and assisting homeless youth with their goals here at home with opportunities to participate in hands-on service collaboration. Learn more about what we are doing in India and how we have supported youth training programs by watching these videos. Visit Treasure Human Life’s temporary home to donate or learn more at

The following are our past and current projects, please stand-by as we transform our programs into Treasure Human Life.

Touching The Untouchable from Meena Chihiro on Vimeo. From Bearing Witness 3 trip to Tamil Nadu, India.

poetics of BUILDING Coleman Coker studio INDIA, spring 2015, UTSOA from SiwenFang on Vimeo. From Bearing Witness 4 trip to Tamil Nadu.